1. Cancellation.  If you are obliged to cancel a reservation please notify us  immediately and confirm your cancellation in writing.  In the event of a cancellation we will make every effort to re-let the property and we will reimburse the cost of the let less the deposit if the property is successfully let to another party. If we are unable to re-let, cancellation costs will be made as follows: if it is more than 5 weeks before your booking commences, you will just lose your deposit. If it is less than 5 weeks you will lose the full rental you have paid us.
2. Letting Period. The period of let shall be from 4.00 pm on the day of arrival until 10.00 am on the day of departure unless otherwise agreed.
3. Hirer’s Rights.  The contract confers on the hirer the right to occupy the accommodation for a holiday only and in terms of Section 12 ( Schedule 4, Paragraph 8 ) of the Housing   (Scotland ) Act 1988 is not an 'assured tenancy'.
4. Hirer’s Responsibilities.  The hirer must personally stay at the accommodation throughout the holiday and is solely responsible for the whole party.  Assignees and sub-tenants are prohibited. No more than the six persons may stay at the property.
5. Deposit.  A deposit of 150.00 GBP per week must be paid within 7 days of the booking request being made. The balance is due 5 weeks before the start of the holiday, or at the same time as the deposit is paid if the start of the holiday is within 5 weeks. The owners reserve the right to declare the contract void, the deposit forfeit and to re-let the accommodation should the balance not have been received within the time limit.
6.  Care of the Property.  The hirer undertakes to take all reasonable care in the use of the property and its contents, including the security of the property. The hirer will report any damages losses or breakages as soon as they occur. The owners reserve the right to charge for repairs, losses or replacements necessitated by the negligent act or omission of any of the hirer's party, guests or invitees. If necessary, this may include an administration charge.
7. Cleaning.  The hirer undertakes to leave the accommodation clean and tidy. The owners reserve the right to make a charge for extra cleaning if the property is not left in a satisfactory condition.
8.  Pets.  Well-behaved dogs and other small animals are permitted.  They are not allowed on beds, sofas or chairs.  A charge of £50 will be made to cover additional cleaning costs.
9.  Smoking.  No smoking is allowed inside the house.
10. Conduct.   The hirer’s party will conduct themselves in such a fashion as to cause no undue noise or annoyance or disturbance to neighbouring property owners or occupiers.
11. Owners’ Rights.  The description of the property is as accurate as possible but cannot be warranted, nor does the description form any contract. The owners reserve the right to alter or improve any aspect of the accommodation without notice.
12. Cancellation by Owners.  Should the owners have to cancel the holiday for any reason, every effort will be made to find suitable, alternative accommodation.  If this is not possible, an immediate refund will be made of all monies paid by the hirer to the owners for the accommodation booked.  No further financial claims against the owners will be considered.
13. Owners’  Responsibilities.  As far as the law allows, the owners take no responsibility for loss, damage or injury to the hirer or any of the party as a consequence of this agreement or the occupancy following thereon.
14. Indemnification of Owners.  The hirer will indemnify the owners or their agents against loss, damage or injury sustained to the property or persons as a result of any breach of these conditions or arising from the fault of the hirer or any member of the hirer's party.
15. Access by Owners.  The owners or their agents whomsoever reserve the right to enter the property at any reasonable time.

16. Complaints.  Every effort has been made to ensure an enjoyable and comfortable occupation. If, however, there is any cause for complaint, the owners are anxious that remedial action is taken as quickly as possible.  It is essential that the hirer contact the owners or their agents so that any complaints can be speedily resolved.